The Four Seasons: A comprehensive Home Maintenance Checklist

Oh the joys of home maintenance, am I right?

You see, many people see their home as nothing more than a bottomless money pit. I'm not going to jump to conclusions, but I'm pretty sure I know why they feel this way: deferred maintenance!

My friends, home ownership is simple. Not always easy, but it is simple. Take care of your home and your home will take care of you. Put in the time and money up front to take care of the home because if you ignore problems when they are small, they don't go away, they get bigger and more expensive to fix. It's ways cheaper to maintain than to fix/replace.

Do you get regular oil changes on your car? Why? Because it's cheaper to do that than to replace the engine. Treat your home the same way. Yes there are more categories to take care of, but maintenance is always cheaper than replacing.

Here is an (almost) comprehensive checklist for things to look for during each season of the year. Stay on top of these items and you will have a much more enjoyable home ownership experience!

Download the Free Home Maintenance Checklist here

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