My Typical Kennesaw Saturday

The lady and I are not much for sleeping in on Saturdays so we usually wake up and head out for a run, walk, or a hike. The best for scenery is Kennesaw Mountain. This is an amazing hike and there are multiple trails so the hike does not become repetitive.

(This is the view of Atlanta from the top of Kennesaw Mountain. Not mine. My pictures never turn out that well)

After we have worked up an appetite, we head over to Mountain Biscuits for some southern charm and homemade food. They make everything from scratch and you can tell from the smell as you approach. This is a must for anyone who lives in the area.

After we have sufficiently filled ourselves on biscuits we head home to load up the puppy (he is a full grown dog, he just doesn't know it). From here we head over to Swift Cantrell Park. We take the dog to the off leash area and let him run around and create havoc (as dogs do). We will sit in the area, which is quite large, for a while and let him run around and socialize with all the dogs, which at times can be a party with up to twenty other dogs.

After we are done at the park we head home and wash up. We rush out the door and head over to one of the local breweries. I like to meet people and beer is good too. I try not to frequent one over the other (don’t want to make them jealous). But, if you include the distillery, there are plenty of places to keep you occupied and in the company of good people.

After we have had our fill of the local libations it is off to dinner. (With an assist from Uber) There are so many places to eat locally we have a hard time deciding. We finally decide we are in the mood for some good southern cooking. So we head to downtown Kennesaw and arrive at the visually underwhelming Trackside Grill. Do not let the lack of curb appeal fool you. This place has some of the most amazing southern food you will find around Atlanta.

Keep in mind this is my “Typical” Saturday. There are so many events going on around town that I can’t do this every weekend. I could be going to a concert or a tournament at 5/3 Bank Stadium, or watching the Owls play any number of collegiate sports (go KSU!!). Regardless of the weekend we can always find something to do here in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Ian Petty


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