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Avatron park

Get ready because this theme park will be anchored by “The Hunger Games” franchise. They also plan to use the “Now You See Me” and “Step Up” franchises for the launch of the park. There is potential for the park to add more attractions before the opening but has been quite on the project thus far. My wish list would be for the “Expendables” to be an attraction. Also, just as an aside, Lionsgate has their roots in horror films. This would mean that come Halloween there should be a few attractions that will likely scare you speechless.

Now on to the specifics. This will be a 700-acre park. Avatron Smart Park will be just that, smart. Automated systems are l

eading the way in this park. The combination of RFID wristbands and advanced motion sensing technology has the ability to give a different experience at every visit. This will allow the park to stay fresh without updating often, which they plan on doing anyway. There will be four main attractions at launch with many more planned in the future. The park is also in talks with multiple electronic game makers to have attractions based on some popular gaming franchises that are yet to be named.

Governor’s Gun Club

Love them or hate them, they are at the forefront of most discussions and Kennesaw has historically positioned itself to be at the center of this discussion. Remember the law passed in Kennesaw that mandated every head of household needed to own a gun (1982)? Sure this law was more for publicity than for effect, and it worked. Now here we are 30-ish years later and we are about to make another publicity splash. The Governor’s Gun Club will be 83,000 square foot project at the corner of Highway 41 and Due West Road. Here is a quick rundown of the details:

35,000 square foot indoor sporting clay facility with trap, skeet and five shooting stands

13,000 square foot retail showroom

6,000 square foot restaurant and lounge

2,900 square foot indoor archery field

32-lane pistol and rifle range

Three 100-yard high-power rifle lanes

Outdoor archery field and archery hunting simulator

This will be the first of its kind in the United States. There are other that are similar to this but not on this scale. This is a massive undertaking that will further cement the fact that Georgia is on my mind.

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